Founded in Fort Worth, Texas in 1967, American Automatic Sprinkler (AAS) is one of the largest merit-shop fire protection contractors in Texas.

American Automatic Sprinkler installs, services and repairs automatic fire sprinklers, fire alarm and detection systems including Special Hazard Systems (firefighting foam, CO², FM-200, and Dry chemical).

With our team of State Licensed personnel, we strive to meet your design and inspection requirements.

We offer a full-service approach for your fire protection needs including Automatic Fire Sprinklers, Fire Alarm and Detection Systems.

Our goal of providing fire protection service economically is made possible by our in-house engineering department and multiple full-line fabrication partners, with facilities located throughout the U.S.

AAS provides design and installation services for all type of fire sprinkler systems including wet, dry, preaction, deluge and foam.

We also staff a full-service department for all of your existing sprinkler systems requirements including lease modifications and service inspections required by NFPA 25.

In addition, we offer in-house 24/7 emergency service in the DFW Metroplex and surrounding areas.

In addition, AAS operates a fully staffed satellite office in San Antonio, Texas, which is also capable of any new design/installation services as well as lease space modification and service inspections.

AAS San Antonio also offers 24/7 emergency service in San Antonio and the surrounding areas

Safety is Paramount at AAS

Nothing is more important than getting our team home to their families without injury.

With proper planning and training every task should be executed without injury.

Our OSHA 500 Safety manager assists and trains site personnel to be aware of their surroundings to spot/identify potential hazards and reduce risk while performing on site.

All of our field personnel are minimum OSHA 10, Fall protection and CPR Trained prior to doing any task beyond ground work.

All site supervisors are OSHA 30, CPR/First Aid certified, fall protection, TEXO and trained to operate all required equipment and tools utilized.

Site supervisors prepare daily JHA’s and PTP’s for onsite personnel prior to any work commencing.

Supervisors also engage field personnel in weekly Tool Box Talks, which every AAS site employee will be selected to be given a topic of discussion followed by a Q&A session from peers.

Our Founder

Our founder, Willie Templin, has been actively involved with the governing bodies of the fire sprinkler industry for over 40 years. Mr. Templin served as an officer, director, and chairperson of the American Fire Sprinkler Association, as well as a past member of the State Fire Marshal Advisory Committee. Mr. Templin has also served on the technical committee for NFPA 13 determining and developing standards on Sprinkler System Discharge Criteria currently used within the code.

Our CEO/President

AAS has had successful client-based relationships in the past since it was founded in 1967 and is focusing on continuing that success for the future generations. Having that same mindset and goals, Willie Templin’s son, Todd Templin had purchased the remaining company shareholdings in 2016 thus becoming the current CEO for the company. Todd Templin started working at the company at a very early age and has over 35 years of experience in fire protection in all aspects of the business. Todd has also been actively involved in various state and national associations over his career.

Our Future

As our CEO, Mr. Templin focuses on maintaining successful relationships, providing a quality product, and striving to provide the best customer satisfaction, now and for the future.  Mr. Templin continues to build a solid team by actively engaging, educating, and investing in training for the future generations to come.

American Automatic Sprinkler Inc. keeps in touch with the pulse of the fire sprinkler and construction industry maintaining active membership in several associations including: